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Title Understanding Environmental Changes in Arctic Permafrost Region
Years 2013
Writer Yoo Kyung Lee( Date 2013-10-28 Count 3511

 2011.06.23 - 2016.06.22


 • Understand the physical - chemical - geophysical characteristics of permafrost

 • Understand the function of soil microorganisms and plants in Arctic permafrost, as a biological factor of greenhouse-gas fluxes


 • Properties of soil organic carbon and mircobial community structure near the Korea Arctic Research Station, Dasan

 • Permafrost Coring and mircobial community analisys in Alaska, USA

 • Climate(temperature and precipitation) manipulation experiment in Cambridge Bay, Canada

 • Analysis of microbial community structure and soil properties from the climate manipulation plots in Zackenberg,Greenland

 • Monitoring by resistivity survey on soil resistivity variation and monitoring for the actice layer through GPR


 • Isolation of facultatively anaerobic soil bacteria from Ny-A˚lesund, Svalbard (Polar Biology)

 • Publication of the book "Arctic tundra plants"

 • Retrieval of 1-m depth of permafrost soil cores from Alaska, U.S.A.

 • Initiation of climate manipulation experiment in Cambridge Bay, Canada

Future plans

 • Understanding correlation among greenhouse gas fluxes, biotic factors, and soil environment

 • Understanding the eccects of permafrost thawing on the ecosystem and human being

 • Networking between Actic countries and Korea and providing the basic data for exploring natural resources in the Arctic

photos & description

 • Fig. 1 Permafrost soil cores from Council, Alaska

• Fig . 2
Open top chambers in Cambridge Bay, Canada


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Pre Studies on Biodiversity and Changing Ecosystems in King George Islands, Antarctica (BioCE)
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