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Project Philosophy and Necessity

Project Philosophy and Necessity

Project Goal

  • World-class polar research capability through basic science research.
  • Concentration of nation’s polar research capability and building up of up-to-date infrastructure.

Project contents and scope

  • Research & Development project - 1st Phase (2006~2007) : Major Research Project
    - 2nd Phase (2011~2015) : Five key research project
Project contents and scope
Category Major Research Area
  • Research on polar rocks, and geological and geographical features
  • Research on antarctic meteorite and interstellar matter
  • Structure and function of polar ecosystem
  • Research on phylogeny, evolution and biodiversity of polar creatures
  • Life phenomenon of polar creatures
Ocean Science
  • Interactions between sea ice, atmosphere and ocean in polar regions
  • Interactions between Antarctic iceberg and earth system
  • Research on reconstruction of paleoenvironments by utilizing polar iceberg and seabed deposits
  • Research on frozen land in polar regions
Cosm Science
  • Upper atmosphere, space environment and satellite science in polar regions

  • Building infrastructure - Arctic and Antarctic field laboratories, research ice breaker laboratory, data on polar regions, public relations center and training of polar professionals

Project strategy and scheme

  • Pursuit of Research project led by academic-research-industry joint research centre
  • Integrated research and development system, and setting up of whole period project management system
  • Building up of international cooperation system and pursuit of international joint research

Expected outcome and utilization plan

  • Strengthening nation’s polar basic science research capability
  • Establishment of firm international status as a polar researching country
  • Public awareness about scientific research activities in polar regions
  • Providing basic data for utilization and development of polar resources


  • Providing basic data for utilization and development of polar resources
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