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KOPRI operating the "Pole to Pole Korea" program, Civilian Field-trip to Korea Arctic/Antarctic Station, every year for the purposes of raising public awareness about polar research, inducing interest about global environmental change and dissminating the science-oriented culture. Since its launching in 2005. the program has recruited adolescents for the Arctic Experience Team and science teachers, artists, and college students for the Antarctic Team.

Civitian Field-trip to Korea Arctic Station

· Participants : Middle school and high school students.
· Period : July ~ August [9~10 days]
· Major Activities : Field trip and research activities with scientists

Civilian Field-trip to Korea Antarctic Station

· Participants : Science teachers, artists, college students
· Period : December or January [20~25 days]
· Major Activities
  - Science Teachers, College Student Collaborative Research
   Program : Collaborative study with the Summer Research Team
  - Creative Activities Program for Artists : Creative activities regrding the unique and extreme environment

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