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Call for Proposal Korea Polar International Science Cooperation Program

 1. Project Objective
  To Acquire the original technology of polar research and to establish multilateral network of international cooperation with
  support of the Korea Polar Research Institute's state-of the-art infrastructure and research funds regarding creative polar
  research themes for foreign researchers.

 2. Budget Support :USD 130,000 / year per each project

 3. Field :Researches related to Polar Fields
  [Research Theme]
  The theme of research may be selected by the researcher, but support for tasks that jointly utilize polar research
  infrastructure of KOPRI.

   * 2012/2013 Ice Breaker「ARAON」's Antarctic Cruise Plan

 4. Support Type :Joint Research

 5. Application
  · Date : From Sep 15, 2012 to Oct 31, 2012
  · Method : On-line application (Receive by E-Mail*)
   * Email :
  · Application Guidelines and Proposal format : Refer to Attachment below

 6. Evaluation & Other matters :refer to Application Guidelines


1. Application Guidelines
English brochure View

2. Proposal Format
English brochure View
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