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dasan Station
dasan Station

The Dasan Station( location ) is situated at Ny-Alesund (78˚ 55' N, 11˚ 56' E), on the high Arctic island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard Archipelago. The station, which supports mainly Earth and life scientists is part of an international research community including stations owned by Norway, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and UK. Reputedly the world's northern most community of up to 150 people, it has a unique atmosphere kindled by scientists of various disciplines and nationalities living, working and cooperating in a beautiful, though sometimes harsh environment.

The Dasan Station has been established since 29 April, 2002. The station provides laboratory space with limited equipment: glacier and boating equipment, radios, firearms (training provided) computers, telephone, fax and e-mail. There are seven bedrooms and those who cannot be accommodated by ours use bedrooms owned by Kings Bay Company (the owners of Ny-Alesund) who charge a daily board and lodging fee.

Ny-Alesund is situated on the south side of the deep and sheltered Kongsfjord on the west coast of Spitsbergen. The southern shore alone provides 50 km of tundra and alluvial plain. A plant protection area at the head of the fjord is bounded by glaciers and sea. Numerous glaciers of various types bisect the 500m peaks. Most bird species found in Svalbard are reaparesented in the area with barnacle geese, eider duck, terns and kittiwakes nesting in large numbers. Land mammals include reindeer, fox and the occasional visit by bear. The local fjord is home to ringed, bearded and common seals, walrus and beluga.

The last remnant of the North Atlantic Drift produces a climate on Spitsbergen's west coast that is milder than normal at that latitude (coldest winter month average is -15°C and the warmest summer month average is +5°C). The sun is down October to March and midnight sun lasts April to August.

Opportunities exist for researchers to carry out environmental research at Ny-Alesund. This location is particularly suitable for ecological research, glacial/periglacial geomorphology, hydrology and atmospheric chemistry. Access is by light aircraft from Longyearbyen 100 km to the south. Longyearbyen receives scheduled flights daily from Norway.

dasan Station

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