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Dasan Jeong Yag-Yong
Dasan Jeong Yag-Yong

Dasan (pen name) Jeong Yag-Yong (1762-1836) was the scholar who compreh ensively compiled a vast works of practical science, so called 'Sirhak', of the Jos eon Dynasty (1392-1910). He has left a huge work covering almost every part of academic learning including politics, economy, history, geography, literature, music, philosophy, medical science, education, military science, natural science, etc. Thus the extent of Dasan's scholarly works is very deep and broad. He als o wrote many books with deep thought containing the almost studies, and dev eloped some pulleys and wagons as their name of 'Geojunggi' and 'Yoohyeong geo' to put them into practical use for constructing a fortress(1796). The fortre ss with a name of 'Suwon Hwaseong' is a world widely famous architecture des ignated by UNESCO.

Dasan served in many high ranking posts demonstration himself as a promising young government official due to his distinguished talent. Most of Dasan's major and important works were concep tualized and written. Especially, intensive researches on two pillars of his thoughts, the studies on political treatises and Confucian classics.

[Geojunggi]Developed by Dasan
[Geojunggi]Developed by Dasan

Dasan also had a deep interest in natural science and left behind many accomp lishments. As a scientific mind should be based on the idea of rationality, he rej ected everything that is irrational. He developed relatively accurate theories ab out the cause of tides and about phenomena of nearsightedness and farsighte dness. It is certainly true that Dasan's contributions in natural science are no c omparison with the achievements of modern science while may parts of his arg uments incorporate western theories.

Although Dasan is no longer with us, his ideas and spirit still live on to this day. Dasan is a worldly scholar and the greatest thinker ever seen in Korea. He put his nation and state first before his private honor throughout the his time. So, we name the Korean Arctic Research Station Dasan to give high praise for Das an's greatness and many achievements in science, philosophy and society.

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