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Preparation and Implementation of the CEE for the Jang Bogo Station

The CEE of the construction and operation of the Jang Bogo Station has been carried out in accordance with the domestic law, Act on Activities and Preservation of the Antarctic Region, and internationally the Article 8 and Annex I (Environmental Impact Assessment) of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.
A survey team of environment and construction experts led by KOPRI conducted a preliminary field study for the proposed site of Cape Möbius at Terra Nova Bay in February 2010, followed by more detailed field investigation efforts in February 2011 and also in January 2012. The CEE was completed based on the results of the field study and data analysis as well as predictions and assessment of environmental impacts.
The draft CEE written in Korean was submitted to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) in December 2010 and circulated to relevant ministries including the Ministry of Environment. It was open to public for opinions on the environmental validity of the project. The draft CEE was circulated by the Korean government to other ATCPs more than 120 days before the ATCM XXXIV held in Buenos Aires, Argentina during June 20th - July 1st, 2011.
The draft CEE was considered by the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) at the ATCM.
Final CEE has been prepared incorporating comments and suggestions, officially received by national and international sources (MOFAT and CEP, respectively). Accordingly the final CEE written in English will be circulated by the Korean government to other ATCPs at least 60 days prior to proposed activities.
The Jang Bogo Station is scheduled to be built at the proposed site from the end of 2012 and completed by the early 2014.
We believe that the Jang Bogo Station is likely to have more than minor or transitory impact on the environment but the predicted impact will be outweighed by the knowledge and information to be gained through the research activities that will be supported by the station.

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