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  • The icebreaker is a specially designed vessel to navigate ice covered polar regions with a powerful propulsion unit and strengthened boby. ARAON becomes a amilestone of Korea polar reserch his-tory and for producing superior scientific results to benefit of human society. In addition to the logistics to the polar stations, ARAON equips state-of-the-art research equipments conducting such as geophygics, biology, oceanography, etc. ARAON becomes a milestone of Korea polar research history and for producing superior scientific results results to benefit of human society.
  • Building up of Antarctic infrastructure for global climate change
    • Project Period: 2004~2010
    • 2004 : Basic Design
      (Korea Ocean Research Institute + Korea Maritime Consultants Co., Ltd + Samsung Heavy Industry)
    • 2005 ~ 2006 : Design (Polar Research Institute of Korea Ocean Research Institute + STX Ship)
    • January 2007 ~ November 2009 : Completion of Construction of the Research Ice Breaker and Delivery
    • November 2009 : Test Cruise in Normal Sea Area and Polar Sea (Test of Ice Breaking Capability)
    • December 2009 : Normal Operation
  • Total Project Cost : 108billion won
  • Mission
    • Multidisciplinary scientific research in the Polar Regions
    • Logistics to the stations in the Polar Regions
    • Support for the construction of the Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station
  • Major Research Activities
    • How the polar ocean, atmosphere and geosphere have interacted with the rest of the earth to influence its development during its history.
    • How the polar ocean affects biological production, and bio-geochemical cycles warrant focused research in sea-ice influenced areas.
    • How under-exploited resources, in an environmentally safe manner, can be effectively explored and managed as an important aspect of research.
  • Operating Conditions
    • Highest Temperature: 50, lowest Temperature : -30
    • Highest Water Temperature: 35, lowest Water Temperature : -2
    • Highest Relative Humidity : 90%
  • Ice Breaking Capability
    • KR PL-10(DAT -30)grade research ice breaker (identical with DnV Polar 10 grade) capable of continuous breaking of 1m thick flat ice at the speed of 3knot
Features and dimensions
Features and dimensions
Span 110.0 m
length between Perpendiculars 95.00 m
Width 19.0 m
Deep 9.9 m
Gross Tonnage 7,507 ton
Service Speed 12 knots
Accommodation 85 persons [25 crew & 60 researchers]
Endurance 20,000 nautical miles
Sailing Continuous Time 70 days
Generator 3,400 KW × 4 ki
Propellant Activate Device 5,000 KW × 2 ki

Future plan
  • October ~ April : Antarctic expedition
  • May ~ June : Anchoring in Incheon(home port)
  • July ~ August : Arctic Cruise
  • September : Anchoring in Incheon(home port)
Key equipments
ice breaker
  • Dry type laboratory
    • General icebreaker type suitable for carrying out comprehensive ocean research, polar research activities and support functions at the same time.
  • Cargo capacity
    • Container 27TEU + 4TEU
    • Capable of loading 15TEU into cargo hold
    • Loading space for observation equipments and spare parts
  • Research support equipment
    • Helicopter
    • Barge (10m power Bessel capable of carrying 20ft container)
    • Work vessel
      (7m power vessel capable of carrying out research and supporting)
  • Special equipments for operation
    • Anti-rolling tank/Anti-heeling tank - DPS2 grade thruster
      (10,000Kw and 2,400Kw) by a standard of Sea state 5
  • Dry type laboratory
    • Computer room, LAN office, uninterruptible power supply room, sonar and earth physics laboratory,
      ocean equipment room, meteorological data processing room, electronic measurement room and gravity measurement room.
  • Wet type laboratory
    • Soil specimen processing room, Baltic room, ocean water analysis and processing room, autosal room,
      chemical analysis laboratory, biology laboratory and others

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