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Antarctic scientific research is a very co-operative activity and there are many international programmes and collaborations
in-place. One of these is the Antarctic Data Directory System (ADDS) which is an international project to improve access to Antarctic data sets by making information about data sets (metadata) available through the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD).

The ADDS consists of a network of National Antarctic Data Centres (NADCs) who are responsible for gathering information on Antarctic data sets within their country. The NADCs pass metadata records on to the Antarctic Master Directory, which then provides a common gateway to search for information about Antarctic data sets. The aim of the AMD is to hold information on both scientific and logistical/operational data sets. This is in support of Article III (1) (c) of the Antarctic Treaty, which calls on parties to exchange and make freely available scientific observations and results from Antarctica.

AMD The AMD is hosted by the NASA Global Change Master Directory who who have developed a dedicated AMD Search interface.

SCAR The ADDS is sponsord by SCAR (The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) and COMNAP (The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes) who facilitate international
co-ordination for science and logistics in the Antarctic..

COMNAP The direction and further development of the ADDS and AMD is the responsibility of JCADM
(The SCAR-COMNAP Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management).

There is a similar data directory initiative taking place in support of Arctic science - this is The International Arctic Environment Data Directory (ADD), the 'Gateway to the Arctic'. JCADM and the ADD Council are developing strong linkages and are looking to adopt common solutions to common problems.

But, the Arctic Data Directory project is now closed.
For authoritative information on environmental assessment related to the Arctic, we recommend visiting the UNEP.
Net Arctic Portal.

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